Art and Cheesecake

The one thing we’ve noticed around Atlanta is some places are just crumbling and falling apart, but even with this there is still a little sense of humour. Look closely at the boards that cover the windows.
The Little Five Points neighbourhood, east of Atlanta, is a hip and a little off beat place that also has a good sense of humour. Everywhere you look there are weird and colourful murals or artwork nested in the alleys and along the expansive walls of buildings.

After leaving Little Five Points we took one last spin through the city. The one thing we wanted to make sure to go try was the little bakery in downtown Atlanta. This little shop made a name for itself when President Clinton tried, and subsequently raved about, their sweet potato cheesecake. When we arrived, the owner, Chef Sonya greeted us and happily served us a slice of her famous dessert and a muffin for the road.  You wouldn’t think that sweet potato and cheesecake go together but it has a subtle rich flavour. Something I’m glad we got to try.

Aside from Sweet Potato Cheesecake, Atlanta is known for Coca-cola, the CNN headquarters and the 1996 Summer Olympics.

Unfortunately the weather is supposed to drop down again to -7C | 19F tonight so we’ve decided to head to Savannah to visit some family over the holiday’s.

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A: Atlanta, Georgia
B: Savannah, Georgia

Today’s track –  410 kms | 255 miles
Tomorrow’s plan – Relax with the family