Working on plan B

So, we were somewhat successful last night; we headed to the mall to talk with all the major providers to see who can do what. Turns out a US phone number with data is possible, even with no contract (so we’re told). I’m still waiting to see if this one is true.

The catch? All we need is a US social… Of course, you have to be a resident – whatever were we thinking?? I love how the monopoly of cell phone companies is reinforced – there have to be traveller’s out there who would want the same but are forced to stick with plans from their countries. The problem is, those “travel plans” offered by your provider for if you heading into roaming territory are a total rip-off in my opinion. Looks like we might need to resort to plan B, whatever that might be. I have heard some providers and Wal-Mart’s will give you phones and don’t need social’s but I don’t think these give you data…

Other than that, today has been pretty low key. I’m sorry for the lack of pictures lately – we’ve honestly just been working, nothing all that interesting. Tomorrow on the other hand, we are off and planning on hitting the town to what Chicago has to offer.