South bound!

So it has been a long wait, and a bit longer than we anticipated but we are finally on the road!

One of the final things to do is store the motorcycle for the winter.  A good friend of the family offered some space in her garage for this so we took the trip out to Niagara Falls area to drop it off.  The day got away from us so by the time we left it was already starting to get dark, and foggy.

I drove the van and Andrew took the bike. I didn’t really have a problem with the drive down other than the fact that our windshield wiper motor finally gave up on us a few days earlier so we had been hoping for no rain until we managed to get a new part. It wasn’t too much of a problem but there was some moisture from the dense fog that was causing water on the windshield, most of which was displaced by driving. Andrew on the other hand, got to feel a combination of fog, water and cold which makes for a very uncomfortable, chilly ride.

Because of the time, we ended up staying the night and being fed a wonderful dinner. Our plan is to set off tomorrow morning and drive until we reached our friends place in Chicago, IL.