Lonely Louisville

Today was our first full day of travel in a while.  We ended up just staying at a rest station last night because it was convenient. Our general plan now is to visit the major towns as we head south. The trouble is, the weather is constantly pushing towards being colder and colder. This means we trying to balance seeing all these new places we’re driving through and just getting to somewhere warm asap! Today we were able to make it to Kentucky.

.. and we entered Louisville in the late afternoon..

The home of Kentucky Fried Chicken

and the Louisville Slugger baseball bat.

We also saw some other random sights like the colourful horses and bejeweled limousines..

We were planning on staying the night here and enjoying some of the night life, but unfortunately after walking through the town for an hour we had only seen about 10 people in total.  Needless to say it was rather deserted for a Sunday so we decided to just drive on instead.

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A: Greenwood, Indiana
B: Louisville, Kentucky
C: Mumfordville, Kentucky

Today’s track – 300 kms | 185 miles
Tomorrow’s plan – still headed towards Nashville, TN