Lazy Sunday

This morning was a bit of a lazy day but we still managed to venture out and get some supplies for the van.  There were a few things we were not able to do before we left which need to be tended to.  One of which is the non-functional wiper motor, the other is changing the oil.  We worked at pulling the van apart to get at the motor so that we could ensure that it was truly the problem. A cowl panel and about 16 screws later (4 of which we accidentally dropped into the cavity) we were in. A quickly fashioned magnetic stick type thing and we got our screws back too.

In the afternoon we went out and watched a movie, and checked out a bit more of the neighborhood. We ended up at birthplace of McDonalds. Yup, it’s very first location in Des Plaines, Illinois.  It’s really insane to think that in 55  years this company has built an incredible empire of franchise locations around the world and continues to grow.

Across the street from the first store museum is a modern day McDonalds.  The only thing that’s different is the price of the burger and the number sold.