Faucets and other fixes

The van has been sitting in a few pieces for a couple days but we’re not really in a rush as we’re not planning to leave for at least another week, after Thanksgiving. Though, the weather was reasonable today so we had a chance to do a bit of work on it.

The delivery of the faucet for the sink arrived, which gave us the jump start we needed to get going. We might soon have running water! Nothing fancy I know, but it’s a bit of a luxury..

We also needed to reinstall the wiper motor that we removed on Sunday, but we weren’t able to get the motor the same day.  A quick trip to the auto parts store and we got ourselves a replacement.

We’re not 100% sure why the motor failed in the first place.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, it started to act up in Nova Scotia, CA and then went back to normal after not using it for a few days.  It had been fine after that and we can’t fully pinpoint when it completely died in the past few weeks. It is possible it overheated the first time, but when we were removing out the old one it started leaking dirty liquid everywhere. Not the greatest sign for a motor. When we got the new motor we were sure to seal up every part possible with  silicone in hopes that it wont take on water again.  This seems to be a finicky part on this vehicle as its been replaced by the previous owner within the past year. Its under warranty now so if it fails again we should be covered. hopefully.

I know it looks like I did all the hard work but Andrew actually put the motor back, I just threw on the wipers and got the glory of testing it out.

As you can see, we were successful!