Corvette Country Kentucky

Just driving today, and we’re headed towards Nashville, third day in a row now. This is not something new – we’ve found that everything takes longer to get to than expected. Although this would probably be different if we were in a rush, but we’re not so when we see something that seems interesting, we stop. For instance, the National Corvette Museum this morning – we hadn’t driven more than half an hour and we stumbled upon the museum and we ended up stopping there for a few hours.

It wasn’t just the cars that kept us there but we also had the opportunity for us to get onto some free wi-fi – a privilege which is quickly becoming a luxury as we are currently without data plan. This is not a major issue at the moment but a few days away from a regular internet connection and we’re starting to need to get some work done!

While in the land of corvettes we got a chance to see how these cars have changed since 1953.

We did eventually make it to Nashville by dinner. We were starving and wanted to try something unique so we drove to Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack, a well known little place in the area. Unfortunately it was closed on Monday. As was the next place we tried, and the next. We even tried to go to the subway downtown, no joy. We learned very quickly to call places before you drive some 10 miles out of your way. Eventually, ended up eating at a cool little eatery and grocery store in downtown Nashville. By the time we were done, we were ready to call it a day.

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A: Munfordville, Kentucky
B: National Corvette Museum, Bowling Green, Kentucky
C: Nashville, Tennessee

Today’s track – 155 kms | 96 miles
Tomorrow’s plan – Get some work done and see a bit of Nashville, TN