Continuing our adventure

So we’re continuing on our adventure today and setting off for more southern destinations.  Before heading off though, we decided to go see a few other truly Chicago places. The first of which is the Abt store, complete with waterfalls and fishtanks.

This store is hard to describe because it seems to fall within its own category. It’s a mom & pop shop but it is high end consumerism at its finest. It is supposedly where the stars like Micheal Jordan and Opera shop when they want to furnish their house or car with electronics or appliances.  They carry extravagant brands and cater to all electronics and appliances you could imagine from home theatre systems to digital cameras to washing machines. Not to mention, it is huge – besides the large main store there is several other Abt boutique stores. In total they have 1000 employees and cover just under 40 acres.

They even serve freshly baked chocolate chip cookies on the weekend!

Add in a bit of bubble making for good measure..

After our little visit to the Abt store we wanted to try a genuine Chicago style hot dog at Superdawg.

Superdawg has drive-in service which is a completely new experience for us. We’re familiar with drive-thru’s, but drive-ins bring back the old days where your food is brought to your car. Each parking spot has a menu and a speaker for you to place your order and someone will bring it out to you and place a tray with your food on your window.

What constitutes as a Chicago hot dog you ask?  Well it’s a poppyseed bun, all beef sausage topped with neon relish, yellow mustard, diced onions and a pickle. It is also served with a hot pepper and fries on the side. The true connoisseurs believe ketchup on this hot dog is a calamity, for this reason, Superdawg refuses to put ketchup on their hot dogs. They will however, serve it on the side.

After lunch we hit the road, heading through Chicago downtown one last time, this time it was all decked out with Christmas lights.

and of course, much more traffic too.

Leaving this city is a little bitter-sweet because we we loved it here, but we are ready to continue our adventure.

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A: Des Plains, Illinois
B: Greenwood, Indiana

Today’s trek – about 400kms
Tomorrow’s plan – Head for Nashville, TN