Chicago by Night

We had a great time touring the city and checking out the great buildings, but as it started to get darker (and colder) we retreated indoors for a taste of the Art Institute of Chicago. I will be the first to admit that I know very little about art, but I enjoyed the visit. The Institute is a great place to see a mix of old and new; there are some timeless and very recognizable pieces in their collection.

“A Sunday on La Grande Jatte” – Georges Seurat (1884)

“Assumption of the Virgin” – El Greco

“Women Descending the Staircase” – Gerhart Richter

“America Gothic” – Grant Wood

These pieces were amazing to see in person; you can see the patience and skill put into each one. Though, as we wandered around and people-watched a bit, sometimes I started to really feel like I’m missing something. There were always several people or groups really analyzing each brush stroke and focal point. Is it wrong to just think it looks good?

Once we got to some of the modern wings, it was even more lost on me. I found myself asking how hard it would be to become an artist if all you need is to pile up some rocks for instance? Like I said, I know very little.. maybe too little?

Nevertheless, a good mix of art got us ready for the Adler Planetarium where they were holding a special after dark series – they open up the place at night, once a month with a DJ and some special hands on exhibits and interactive displays. It was a great wrap up to the day, and the view of the from the Planetarium shows off just how beautiful the city is at night.