Two nite, one free (i.e. day 14)

So last night our plan to head to PEI was postponed as we were having ourselves a great time right where we were. Since we stayed for a second night at the park the third night was offered to us free. We decided to take advantage of this and stay put for one more night. Our new friends continued on towards Halifax and we spent put in a solid day of work as it had been a while since we both got the opportunity to work at once!  We’ve been switching and swapping as needed as we travel and getting things done in the mornings where possible but it was definitely time to get properly caught up (if that’s even possible).

Thinking this might be our opportunity to get a taste of Newfoundland as we recently missed out on going there, we decided to venture out for “Newfie night” at a local place. It was not at all what we were expecting. We thought it might be a pub with drinks and music.  Turned out to be a restaurant with two gentleman playing music – the food was themed to Newfoundland. If you’ve never had Newfoundland food watch out for the Newfie steak, turns out that its fried bologna! Thinking this was the pattern, we asked what the “Cod tongues” were – to our surprise, unless we’ve been seriously duped, they are actually breaded and fried tongues from cod. We asked to try one as ordering a whole bowl of these might not go so well. The waitress was very nice and brought one out for us to try.

Unfortunately, while they were nothing more than very salty, fried/breaded protein, it wasn’t going to be easy for either of us to wrap our heads around eating a whole bowl. We went the boring route instead and ordered the fish and beans. The food was alright but couldn’t really compare to last night. Can’t win ’em all!

Today’s track – Just up the road, it was a low key day in Louisbourg, NS
Tomorrow’s plan – Off to PEI!