Happy Bridge Day (i.e. day 18)

We set off reasonably early today – our goal was to make it as far as possible into New Brunswick.  Turns out that all this traveling meant we were going to be crossing a lot of bridges today, not to mention we are constantly adding to our worlds biggest (or in this case worlds longest) collection.

Starting with one 13 kms (8 miles) long.

The Confederation Bridge that joins PEI and New Brunswick is just an amazing sight. The size is just staggering – I believe it is the longest bridge in the world that crosses ice covered water.

One of the most interesting things about PEI though, is that you only have to pay to leave. This means that whether you enter PEI across the bridge or by ferry it is free, the trick is that when you’re ready to leave, there is a toll. Small tip though, between the two routes, the bridge is cheaper (at $42.50) so if you want to experience both ways, take the ferry to PEI and the bridge off PEI.

After crossing over to New Brunswick we headed towards Moncton, our plan was to seek out a walk-in clinic as Andrew’s illness has seemingly worsened as he has developed an allergic reaction, which is expressed by a very swollen upper lip and eyes. Not very pretty.

When we reached Moncton we did a few loops visiting various information and CAA locations and doctors offices to find where there would be a walk-in clinic open without us having to wait until 5 pm (it was almost 12pm). After following some very specifically vague directions we located a clinic that opened within 5 minutes of our arrival which was a definite plus. Getting in with only a few people ahead meant we only waited about 20 minutes to see the doctor, although the receptionist was rather disappointed that we did not have an appointment. (sometimes I think people forget what a walk-in clinic is!)

After being in with the doctor and the conclusion was that Andrew was allergic to either himself or perhaps some over the counter medication he had taken. She suggested Benedryl for the next 24 hours.  This will supposedly cure him, but the doctor gave the old “no operating heavy machinery” which means that Andrew would effectively be useless when it came to driving.  What timing eh? Looks like I’ll be doing the rest of today’s driving!

Continuing on our trek we popped in to a few sights along the way, one of which is the world’s longest covered bridge in Hartland, NB.

We decided we had to continue on today’s theme, so we crossed it, twice!  It gets pretty dark, and all you can see is the lights at the end with the next set of cars waiting to go in the opposite way of this single lane bridge.

I will point out, that even though Canada uses metric units the measurement of the bridge is in feet.  I suppose they felt that “390 metres’ is just less impressive than 1282 feet – or perhaps this sign was in place before imperial was implemented in Canada?

After that excitement, we stumbled upon one last bridge just to fill out our day! It was not the worlds longest or most covered or whatnot, it was just a good lookin’ bridge.

We continued on through New Brunswick and as you go through we encountered the “potato capital of the world”, which strangely I did not know existed in NB, but to prove it they also had a potato museum… which we attempted to visit but they were closed of course. We’re really not having any luck on this french fry business lately! Just after Moncton we also visited the famed “Magnetic Hill” which you can put your car into neutral and roll UP a hill.  Although the way they set it up, you have to perform this maneuver backwards – which in my opinion is not the best idea as you’d be surprised how hard it is for some people to keep their car straight when rolling backwards..  The luck of off season worked in our favour again though as we were not required to pay to do this (and once you figure out how it really works, I think you would feel like paying anything would be something close to robbery).

After all that excitement we made our way to Edmunston, NB (just at the border or Quebec) where we set up for the night – tomorrow will be a long day!

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A: Summerside, PEI
B: Moncton, NB
C: Hartland, NB
D: Edmunston, NB

Today’s track – 600 kms
Tomorrow’s plan – Through Quebec and into Ontario