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East Coast Wrap-up

So we have survived almost 3 weeks living in our little Firebus! Overall, we had a fabulous time – things were a bit fast paced, but we were able to fit in a few visits to friends along the way, as well as see and experience lots of new things. It was the perfect little trial run for our next adventure.

Which leads us to our next chapter – we have officially decided to go south for the winter, with future plans to see western Canada in the late spring/summer of next year. Our decision was based on both the weather and the fact that everything is closed for the season. I’m sure we could tough out the cold, but it would be much more enjoyable if it was a little warmer and more things were open.

So we are south-bound! We’re hoping to get out of here by November after doing some work on the van and getting some of the things we felt we were missing on this trip for the next trip. So we will keep you posted on our progress and let you know what our plans are when we figure them out.