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What’s the plan?

So that nagging urge to travel has gotten the best of us and we have decided to live life from the road for a while.  To make things more interesting (and cost effective) we have given up our apartment and have no fixed address.  The 900some square foot living space we have been accustomed to has been replaced by a van of maybe 60 square feet (and I think even that’s being generous). I should mention though that the van in question is an orange 1975 Dodge Campervan affectionately known as “the Firebus”.  While we’re at it I should also mention this trip is not exactly a vacation, its a change of lifestyle and scenery – we both have jobs that we plan to continue from the road (but we can work remotely given an internet connection) and also, we’re engaged to get married, so lets add wedding planning to the mix too..

So what’s the plan you ask?

Well to be quite honest, there is no plan in stone.  The hope is that we can see the as much of Canada as possible from Nova Scotia to British Columbia.  We are in Ontario so we will head east first to the Atlantic Ocean and then drive West until we can’t drive anymore..  After that, we will go south.  The States will also be an adventure and all apart of the large loop that will land us back in Ontario. The day to day is not set, but we do have some timelines in mind  – For Canada we hope to be in BC by December not only for the fact that the weather will likely be continuously getting colder as we go, but there is also some family we want to visit. For the States we are aiming to return by late March or early April. After that we plan to continue our travel but might switch it up a bit by backpacking & motorcycling in Europe or adventure seeking in Australia & New Zealand – we’ll see where we end up!

Wherever we go, we are bound to have an amazing time as we meet new people and see interesting things as well as visit the family and friends we have scattered all over the world.  There are some obvious places we are going to visit for sure, but if you have a suggestion for us to visit somewhere with a great view, a great sandwich, or a guaranteed great time by all means let us know.

On the road tomorrow for day 1 of our North American Firebus tour so check back soon for an update!