The road to the Big Apple (i.e. day 1)

Well the first day on the road was a little bit of a blur – we did head off late (only at about 12:30 pm) but after being delayed by 2 days past than our original start date we were just ready to get on the road!  We started off by hitting traffic, which makes you even more determined to flee as far from possible from the city. After some driving we were able to catch up with some good friends in a cute little town.  It was pretty great because they were just on the last legs of their trip out east so we now have the lowdown on all the places to go see!

Along the way we have had what feels like a nice little welcome to van-hood.  It started off with spotting another camper with BC plates, headed east.  We traveled alongside this old green camper for 50kms or so and we felt like this was like a small initiation as this was the farthest we had driven her so far.

Our next van spotting was in Cobourg, and she was exactly the same model as us but slightly more aged looking…

After we checked out Cobourg and its 92.9 cents per litre gas we drove on a bit and ended up at the first tribute to oversized items – “the big apple”.

A few hours of driving later and we reached a Wal-Mart parking lot, as good a place as any to sleep when they offer free overnight ‘camping’/parking.  With day one over we have learned a few things – aside from the fact that our little van rocks, she does have some quirks that we are becoming accustomed to.

1. you cant rush her.. she’ll get there at no more than 100kms/h (maybe 110 if you’ve got a little breeze behind you)

2. she does not exactly have the most insulated foot wells which can get a bit nippy at times – so we are working to fix that with some extra rubber around the doors seals (what can you really expect from 30+ year old rubber)?

3. she likes to drink… we’re working on improving the fuel efficiency with better tire pressure and even speeds so we’ll see what km’s we can get out of her over the next few days.

Next stop – New Brunswick, Canada.