Sunday drivers (i.e. day 2)

So sleeping for the first night in the van went pretty well – not cold in the slightest. Andrew didn’t quite enjoy how hard the bed was but that’s an easy fix.  There’s a bit to be said for waking up in a Wal-mart parking lot though, aside from the fact that it’s a Wal-Mart – you can get a bit of shopping done in the morning if you feel so inclined.  For us we picked up a few items for breakfast and started doing the dance of “where did we pack that again” as we get accustomed to the location of things.

Food prep wasn’t so bad, we do have a small kitchen, complete with sink, cooler fridge and portable stove giving us pretty much what we need to prepare what we need.  We also have a toilet (self contained type system) but we’re trying our best to refrain from using it as then there will be the whole emptying it part to deal with, and honestly, neither of us really know how to do that…

On the road late again today – not sure where the time goes but at 11 am we departed and were looking at a daunting 10 hour drive, according to the GPS – which by the way we quickly discovered these times do not in the least apply to us as that would imply that you were going the speed limit or higher the whole time!  So to save a bit on gas and time we made the decision to take the shorter of the routes offered, which meant our trip now included a visit to Maine, USA so we could save about 150 kms (or just under a third of a tank of gas)!

So we have exited our first province and into Quebec, but making it in to Montreal was as expected, a trial of patience vs. traffic – if you’re just driving through, this city is really a pain!  We did see a really neat little imported number on our travels through, a Citron 2CV6 special.  When you’re driving a ’75 van you’re seemingly constantly aware of all the other older cars on the road too!

She in great shape but tiny! Only half a lane wide and even slower than us… But what more do you want out on a Sunday drive?

So we continued into the single lane highways of Quebec, many little towns and really sketchy cellular service and its started to get dark.  Much of the daylight hours were spent getting through Quebec. Tonight we push through Maine – this could be an amazing idea or a completely horrible one depending on what happens. GPS says 6 more hours….

Considering it’s a Sunday evening, with a potential to encounter poorly maintained roads, a large risk of seeing moose, with no cell service and only 40 US dollars in hand; if it were you, would you go for it?