Getting the chores done (i.e. day 12)

Today we were in search of a place to get to get the van’s oil changed as this would be the last major for a little while. We found a place that could take us at 2:30 so we had a bit of waiting around to do..

We decided to walk around and enjoy sunny warm Sydney a little bit and we found a great quiet little cafe where we could get our work done. Free wifi, a comfy couch and a warm tea – what more could you need? We were there for a while and it started to get pretty busy as expected. Sydney is a port for cruise ships and today was a day where 4 where coming in for the day – as you can imagine the cafe was not quiet for long. We were there for a while and were continuously ordering yummy pastries and crazy varieties of teas. All in all it was a productive morning for the both of us and we were there so long that we had to move to a table where we could actually plug in our laptops!

We took the van in to get its oil change and spoke to some of the people there about things we should see. One of the guys asked if we would be taking the ferry over to NL. Ferry? there’s a ferry? We had not realised this and that we were truly so close – maybe it was time for a detour? Before we had a chance to look into it further our car was back and we were ready to go to our next destination for now, Louisbourg.

As we headed out east the fog started to appear and increased significantly by the time we reached our camp for the night. The wonderful people there informed us that there is traditional music every night in the local theater. The location is right on the water near a boat launch and dock – really nice.

Before we headed out to see some fiddlin’ music we had a number of things to do including some dishes and grabbing a shower.

We also had a chance to check out the ferry schedule to Newfoundland. What we found is that there is one main ferry that goes to Port aux Basques, NL but in the summer an additional ferry that goes to the opposite side of the island (to Saint Johns). Between those two ferry docking points there lies 11 hours of Trans Canada Highway. We were pretty excited because it meant we could drive from one end to the other (which some people think is a little nuts) but in the spirit of our travels, why not? Unfortunately, after checking the schedule we discovered that we were 5 days too late for the last ferry to Saint Johns – 5 days! Now, we could go on the one ferry but feel like we’d prefer to do the drive once at a much slower pace than driving to Saint Johns and back at a quick pace.

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So we made up our mind – it will happen, just not this year. And while we’re disappointed that we were that close and missed it, it’s a learning experience.

In the evening we went to to listen to some traditional fiddle music at the Louisbourg Playhouse. Which is a really a treat because it’s a building that is based on the Globe Theatre in London. Apparently it was built by the Walt Disney company for a movie and then in 1994 it was opened to the public for nightly performances. It was really great to take in a bit of culture, complete with fiddle and dance.

Tomorrow we will take in a bit of history by visiting the Louisbourg Fortress.

But with the fog today the evening was really a great opportunity to take a few shots of the boat yard next door.

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A: Sydney, NS
B: Louisbourg, NS

Today’s Track: short travel day with about only 40 kms

Tomorrow’s plan: Visit the Louisbourg Fortress