Getting back to nature (i.e. day 6)

Well, we’ve had a bit of a busy past few days so we decided to keep things simple and stay put for today so we can get caught up on a few things. Among the things on today’s to-do list we planned to take advantage of what we have come to call “camping 2.0”.  It’s slightly more than ‘car camping’ where you bring your car and a tent to a provincial park – this is electricity to your door, wi-fi in your van and bathrooms, showers and kitchen sinks 30 feet away..  As such, the morning was dedicated to all things clean – this included dishes (in a proper sink), laundry, and showers (that frustrate as they require you to constantly push a button every 3.5 seconds to activate them!). As well we have learned that we should charge every possible thing we own in the intervals where we have power as it makes things much easier when we are ‘off-the-grid’, so to speak.

After a bit of fire roasted potatoes and sausage for lunch, we decided to explore a bit of the park, this is what we found:

A valley filled with flora..

A labyrinth of pathways..

and a great waterfall..

Fundy National Park has won us over, we are in awe that we can have a site with all the amenities as well as amazing silence around us during the day and bright starry skies at night (not to mention the natural beauty of the park itself).  I have to admit though, I was a bit worried about having a site closer to the washrooms as they are typically high traffic areas with a fair amount of noise, but have come to find that in the RV sections of these parks, most people are not really using the public washrooms as much as tent only grounds. Either way, the greenery and fresh air is definitely a nice contrast from the Wal-Mart parking lot!

Tomorrow’s plan – Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick and Halifax, Nova Scotia (weather permitting)