Time circuits on. Flux Capacitor… fluxxing. Engine running. All right! (i.e day 13)

So today’s plan was to get to the Fortress of Louisbourg. However, in true fashion we did not get there until a very late hour as the morning was consumed with work! Nevertheless the very nice manager (Mary) of the park ensured we not miss this opportunity before we left as we hoped to continue on in the direction of PEI in the evening. Mary called the Fortress and checked on closing times and even found out there was a tour that we might possibly make if we hurried. So on our way we went – our little Firebus taking us back in time.
The Fortress is a fully reconstructed 18th century French community essentially. It is complete with ladies in frocks and men in soldiers uniforms. You are free to wander around this live town and interact with the “locals” who are working or making house or wandering the streets.. Its quite a neat experience. From houses, to jails, to soldiers barracks there is a lot to see! And if you’re there at just the right time, you might even see a live demonstration of a 18th century musket or cannon (both of which we were fortunate enough to experience). To give you a bit of a taste for what we saw here in the Fortress:

While we were at the Fortress we happened to run into another couple from Australia and got to talking and as it turns out they are doing a similar trip throughout Canada and the US and are also travelling around in a funky van – what are the odds? So instead of continuing on we decided to stay another night in Louisbourg and go out for dinner with them.
We had a fabulous time swapping stories and places to visit as we had just been to Halifax (where they were headed next) and they had come from PEI (where we’re off to).. We went out for a proper seafood dinner by the harbour. Here Andrew got brave and ordered the lobster, his first, and why not when you’re in Atlantic Canada? You could say I was less brave with my order of Halibut but I’ve had lobster before. After a quick ‘how-to’ lesson of the tools and their uses, Andrew set off to work for his supper while I enjoyed my very large order of fish. By the end of it, his verdict was that that was a lot of work for the amount of meat you get, and my verdict was that I ate far too much fish as it was way too easy! So, next time, he will likely skip on the lobster and I will just stop eating when I’m full! Our next venture might be to try king crab legs as they came highly recommended for a similar experience to lobster but with maybe slightly more meat for the work.

Today’s track – less than 10 kms (to the Fortress & back)
Tomorrow’s plan – still figuring it out!

PS. Please excuse the title here, we got a little nerdy. If you’re wondering where its from, it’s the movie ‘Back to the Future’.