First day of Fall (i.e. day 4)

Today was a quiet day – much of it was spent at our ocean front camp site from the night before.  We took some time to catch up on some work and take advantage of the wi-fi access we had.

They call it “camping” but it’s actually quite the luxury complete with electricity, hot showers and laundry!

Later in the day we set off again but not without doing a few chores.  Starting with emptying the portable toilet.. our vow to not use it died early on day 3 with our overnight ride through Maine – it was around 8 am and Andrew had to go – not usually a problem as just about anywhere on the side of the road will do –  but because of the time the highway was getting busy and constantly had a school buses passing. So to avoid possible arrest and flashing a bus full of children, Andrew had to use the on board facilities. Let’s just say that emptying this thing isn’t as easy as filling it…

After all that was done we then decided to make our way towards Fundy National Park but because we left so late, and did some grocery shopping, we ended up not making it to the park and taking a rest stop at a local Wal-Mart for the night.  On our way we made a few stops to enjoy a bit of the coastal scenery and admire the first signs of fall with the changing leaves.  As our trip progresses we are likely in store for some amazing fall colours.

Tomorrow’s plan: Stopping at Fundy National Park, New Brunswick