A day at the beach (i.e. day 3)

So we continued to drive out of Quebec and into Maine – crossing a very quiet little border into the USA.  Border patrol was somewhat interesting – one of the first things the officer said was she was half expecting Scooby Doo to step out of the van. Meanwhile there is a second officer inspecting the inside, making sure we’re not bringing over any illegal people, tobacco, alcohol etc.  Much more thorough than when we entered back across on the Canadian side, which consisted of about 3 questions!

Obviously crossing through Maine on a Sunday night after everything is closed is maybe not the most ideal of situations considering the cell signal was pretty weak the whole way. Not only that but the gas gauge had reached levels low enough to cause us to wonder if we should risk pushing on in hopes of finding an open gas station or to sit and wait at a closed station until the morning. The desire to be somewhere meaningful, won out and we just kept driving. At 1/8 of a tank we were fortunate enough to find a very nice (& extremely cheap!) place to fill up which allowed us to keep going.  By 2am and out of sheer exhaustion we pulled over for a short rest at the first signs of civilization (which included a Wal-mart) which is where we grabbed a few zz’s before getting going again.  After all that, I have to say all of the driving was really worth it, we pulled into a campground at St. Andrew’s at around 8am where we were parked, ocean side, for the rest of the day.  No more traveling for now – we had made it somewhere and were happy to just have a very chill day and try out a non-Wal-mart parking-lot accommodation for a change.

Can you spot us?

How can you go wrong with a sunset like that?

Tomorrow’s plan: headed up the coast of New Brunswick!